Y'all Need To Actually Listen To Sia NOW. Here's Why!

It’s 3:12AM on July 4, 2015, and I, Benjamin Hawes have just discovered my new favorite* pop diva. I have stumbled across someone who has been under my nose for YEARS. I am shocked that I wasn’t on board before. Let me say it again. I found her. The voice for my spirit. The voice for how I have felt for years on years. I am so excited.

I have always heard Sia songs on the radio, and I have always loved loved loved them. But something clicked here. And let me tell you, you NEED to spend an evening getting to know Sia if you haven’t. She is AWESOME.

My attention first turned to Sia when she performed “Chandelier” at the Grammys in 2015. She had one of the most original and entertaining performances ever! And she never shows her face. That’s what is SO intriguing!

In this performance below, Sia sang facing the wall while she had her child dancer [her alter ego] and KRISTEN WIGG dancing to the music. It was so incredibly intruguing and original. I couldn’t believe it.



I let some more time pass. Then one day I was on YouTube, searching like I do. As I surfed through video after video of Sia music [I had landed there somehow] I found an interview with her on 60 Minutes. She talks about the reasons why she won't show her face, and I love it so much. She basically doesn't want to be famous. She wants to be known for her music, and she doens't want to have to match up to anyone's standards, or anyone's ideas of what she looks like. She wears a blond wig, and she doesn't really change it up. The idea behind the wig is that "it could be anyone under the wig." It could be a child, it could be a man, her music is good for everyone. I am obsessed. 



In the interview, they revealed that Sia has written so so so many songs that I LOVE. Some of her obvious songs are “Chandelier,” and “Titanium,” but she has like, 100 million other songs. She is basically the actual pop queen.

  • She wrote Rihanna’s “Diamonds,”
  • Britney’s “Perfume,”
  • Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts,”
  • Ne-Yo’s “Let Me Love You,”
  • Christina’s “You Lost Me,”
  • and literally so much more.

Little did I know, I was a Sia fan forever!!!!!!!!

She has a song called “Chandelier,” and it just seriously gets me. The lyrics are just like, ideal, and they tug at any part of my spirit that has ever felt anything. I am in love. Here’s the song:




Here are the Lyrics:

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier

from the chandelier

I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist

Like it doesn't exist

I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night

feel my tears as they dry

I'm gonna swing from the chandelier

from the chandelier

But I'm holding on for dear life

won't look down won't open my eyes

Keep my glass full until morning light

'cause I'm just holding on for tonight

Help me, I'm holding on for dear life

won't look down won't open my eyes

Keep my glass full until morning light

'cause I'm just holding on for tonight

On for tonight


It is so crazy when there is just music that gets me like this. I think what gets me about this song is that the second it hits the chorus, you can just hear her lose all sense of security, and every ounce of caution disappears from the track. She completely surrenders to who she is, and what she needs. I can’t express to you how much I need that in music.

I have been looking at covers of this song on YouTube, I can totally tell who is in it %110.

You have to completely give it up and just sing. I so wish I could do that!

I seriously love her so much. Like she might be my new thing.

[SideNote: Obviously Miley is my favorite, and that will never change.]

I really needed to let you guys know. Here’s a few videos you should watch to get to know Sia! And I know I’m not discovering a new artist. I’m totally not trying to say that I discovered her. But like, FORREAL she is so amazing.

Here’s a simple cover that I like, by Charlie Puth, who is this guy I like on Youtube, who is the singer in “See You Again” with Wiz Kalifa.



She also has this dancer alter ego that I'm obsessed with! Since she doesn't really show her face, she has a 10 year old dancer from the show, Dance Moms, be the face of her music. And the girl is like, a REALLY good dancer! The way she moves with the choreography is just so different from anything I have ever seen! It's unreal! Here's a good video of that:



I am just SUCH a fan, and I am so happy for her! For Sia! For everyone involved. I just love this so much.


I'd love to hear! Comment below, and let me know what you think!