Why I’m Being More Careful with My Social Media - Parks and Recreation themed

ImageIt has been vigorously drilled into all of our minds since we learned the term “social media.” We have been taught, lectured and told to be careful with what we post online. “The internet is written in ink.” We hear it every day.

It wasn’t until I applied for a job that asked me to provide links to three of my social media pages that I really understood this warning.

I have posted a whole lot of  “content” on twitter, instagram, and all of the above. Some of these posts have been unnecessary, and sometimes stupid. This is me now, a voice of my generation, warning everyone else.

We need to treat our social media accounts like our resumes. Our professional experience. Image

Our social media pages say more about us than almost anything else.

I, Benjamin Hawes, am taking an action. I really encourage every single person to go through each of your social media pages and do yourself three favors:

1) Delete any postings that make you look like anything less than PERFECT
2) Change your cover photos, profile pictures, and bios that make you look like anything less than PERFECT
3) Start to use your social media to promote your projects, and your successes, and stop posting things that make you look like anything less than PERFECT!

Everything is so competitive! Don't let social media take you down.

We have a different challenge. We have a new responsibility. Yes, we should be able to do whatever we want to like our parents could. Yes, we should be allowed to party all night until the sun comes up. But no, we shouldn’t post it all for the whole wide world and every person under the sun to view it. Image

I’m freaking out for myself and my peers! I think this is a huge fact that has always sounded like a huge myth, and we need to change that!

Thanks for reading! Send this to your peers, your family members, and anyone who is thinking about being employed in the future!

Written by Benjamin Hawes, with joy. Lol.