How to use Twitter! The 4 Steps to an Influencial Tweet

A friend just got Twitter, and asked me how to use it. I decided to write this all out for everyone to use! These are my 4 steps to writing influential Tweets. Here we go! (I'm going to use Miley Cyrus as an example, because there is absolutely no reason not to!)

Step 1) Write Out Your Idea

"I had so much fun at the Miley Cyrus concert" Your tweet has to start somewhere, right? Why are you tweeting? What’s your main idea? In this case, I'm tweeting about a concert that I went to (and loved). This kind of tweet will only ever be seen by a few people. My followers, and possibly people who really search for it. It isn't very noticeable or even searchable. This is not influential! Lets take this tweet to the next level.

Step 2) Tag who you are talking to (using @Username)

"I had so much fun at the @MileyCyrus concert" Once I tag Miley Cyrus, she is literally going to get a notification! Now, she will be getting millions of notifications a day, so she might not see the specific tweet, but there are also more effects. When someone types MileyCyrus into the search bar, they will now see that you tweeted her, and they might be interested. Maybe they went to the same concert! Maybe they wish they did, but their mom wouldn’t let them. It's social media, anything is possible.

Step 3) Get people involved!

I had so much fun at the @MileyCyrus concert with @FunshineKelly" In my opinion, this is the best way to make your tweet more influential. People on my level of non-fame get really excited when they receive a Twitter notification. Your friends will almost always tweet you back. When people tweet you, its influence! When you tweet them, they want to engage in your conversation. This is the ideal situation. Make sure you do it!

Step 4) Hash-tags!

I had so much fun at the @MileyCyrus Concert with @FunshineKelly #Bangerz #oakland #wreckingball #confetti"

This is another fun one. You HAVE to add hashtags. You just have to! "Hashtags" is just another way of saying "search terms." If you post a new item for sale on eBay, you will have to describe the item, so that it can be found in a search. It's the same thing with your tweets. When you add a hashtag, someone can now find your tweet when they search that term. There's so much you can do with hashtags. I always like to use hashtags to summarize my tweet. So when I tweet about a Miley Cyrus concert, I use terms that had to do with the concert to enhance my tweet. I also mention my favorite parts of the concert. My favorite song at the concert was "Wrecking Ball." At the end of my tweet, I can use the hashtag #wreckingball. Now anyone who searches "wreckingball" on Twitter, my tweet will come up! It's pretty simple but don't worry if it takes you a couple tries to grasp the concept. You should always use hashtags. They are fun and very effective. This might be a lot, but I'm sure you'll get it! Once you start racking up your tweets, I have a really good way to measure your online influence! It's called your Klout score and the link is right here! You just have to connect your Twitter, Facebook, etc. to your Klout profile, and it will give you a score out of 100. Mine is 60, and it's something I have really worked up to! It's a really fun way to spend 10 minutes. Go try it out! Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment with your thoughts, or any other ideas that you have to help people with their tweets! Have a nice day!