Tips From My Friends - What I should Do in an Interview (And Pictures of Oprah)

I am very excited! Tomorrow, I have a second meeting about an internship that I really want for the summer. I have been spending this whole weekend studying interviews, and how to make yourself appear as impressively as possible. I have learned a lot, but I wanted to see what my friends had to say as well! Here are the 8 pieces of advice I got! And I included pictures of interviews with Oprah that would make me nervous... Here we go:

1)Be confident and if you need a minute to think about the question tell them that. Say "can I have a minute to think about that?"

-Jessica Hause

2) Have 4 or 5 success stories that you can modify for any type of question they ask, be ready for the "tell me about yourself" question but related it to the position you are interviewing for. If you don't know something tell them that, because if you start making things up they can tell. be ready to answer a question regarding where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years. Good luck! I'm sure you'll get it.  -Dennis Cobos

3) Have examples for their questions. Rather than saying you are dependable, show how you are dependable (I.e. Haven't been late to work in five years and have never called in sick). Also, speak with number, stats, and specifics (I.e. "planned, implemented, and evaluated monthly social and educational programs for a floor of 70 diverse first-year residents" compared to "planned events for residents")

-Kyle Elliott

4) Fake it till you make it. -Scott Mai

5) Be sure to have examples to back up your answers! For instance, if they ask what your best quality is in the office and you answer that you are comfortable working independently, give an example of a complicated project you completed on your own. Also they'll probably ask about what you might struggle with in the workplace. Answer honestly but also tell them a couple ways you're working on that and how you've dealt with it in the past. Good luck, you'll be great! -Grace Butler

6) Smile and make eye contact! Also a new one I've learned: at the end of the interview ask if they have any reservations about you moving forward in the process. If they do have one, try to refute it! It shows you care about possible weaknesses (even though we all know you're perfect ) -Jonathan Bloch

7) Definitely ask them questions. Be sincere. Plan out different questions they might ask and try to come up with answers for all of them as well as examples to back them up. Be very familiar with the position description and come up with examples of things you've done in the past to correlate to different job functions. Show your passion for the position! And I've done what Jonny is suggesting as well to good result. it's ballsy, but you'll know where you stand and have the opportunity to make final arguments. -Sailor Galaviz

8) Ask them questions too! When they say "do you have any questions?" You shouldn't say no! -Alayna Moody

Thanks to everyone who helped me out! I'll surely be writing an update on how it goes! If you have more advice, leave a comment!