There's A Huge Storm Tomorrow! I Think I'll Be Fine, But We'll See.

Today I applied for jobs, went grocery shopping, saw an awesome comedy show at The Comedy Cellar, and learned that there is going to be a huge snow storm tomorrow. A STORM. OF SNOW. If you are also from California, you will understand that something called a "snow storm" just makes no sense. The only storms I have been a part of have been rain and wind. And emotions. So you can imagine my curiosity as to what is going to happen when I wake up tomorrow. Like... people have been texting us and telling us to stay safe. The mayor of NYC issued a literal statement telling us to make sure we have enough food in the house so we don't have to leave. What is going on?

I will definitely keep everyone updated and let you know if I am okay, but just know, I think I will be FINE. I mean, they say there is going to be two to three feet of snow on the ground, so I guess we will see how that goes. But, in my mind, the snow melts right? Am I right? It will go away...

I think it will be fine, but again, I'll let you know. It's supposed to start at five in the morning. It's 3:30am right now. Don't worry I am about to go to bed, I'm not crazy!

In other news, I have officially begun applying for jobs. I needed a second to settle into my new life, but I have started! Everything is ready. As always, any advice is welcome!

I know this was a super short post, but thanks for reading! Wish me luck in the storm!ย