The Best 5 Ways to Live Your Dream Life and Accomplish Your Goals

ImageI cannot lie, I have a lot of hopes, and I have many, many dreams.

My basic goal in life is to be the kind of person that generally accomplishes my goals, and I sure hope that I come off that way.

In my opinion, the only way that we can achieve our goals with certainty and originality is to be absolutely sure of ourselves. If you aren’t confident in your talents, characteristics abilities and skills, you won’t land the job, the gig, or anything of the sort. Being sure is the most important thing you can be, and if you can’t be sure of yourself (or at least pretend to be), you aren’t living up to your entire potential!

If you have a goal, a dream, a cause or an idea, you need to be sure of your methods in getting there, and I have a few steps that you can take to do that! Click to find out how!

Image1: Just Drop Hoping and Thinking Out of Your Vocabulary:

If you are going to do something, do something. If you’re going to plan a trip, plan the trip. If you are applying to a job, please don’t tell me that you “hope” you do well in the interview. Don’t every say you “think” you are going to apply for something. 

If you “think” you are going to do something, you already aren’t at a successful point with that aspiration. Nobody cares about people who kind of want to change the world. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t think he had a dream. He did have a dream. And he made it real. 

2: Being Nervous is Dumb:

You’re good enough. Why would you plan to do something that you aren’t qualified for? If you aren’t qualified to be a manager of a KFC, you should be applying to be the cashier. Apply for things that you know you can rock. Believe in yourself and drop the word “nervous” from your vocabulary. 

At this point, when you’re up for review with your goals, you should have already done what it takes to make sure you are prepared. At this point, you have done everything you need to do, and the only thing that can stop you is nerves. So be confident!

Image3: Don’t Pretend to Be Something You're not:

This is YOUR life. YOU are making these decisions. Don’t make decisions that aren’t going to make YOU happier, richer or better. You have a perfectly good personality, and you need to use it! Would you want to live in an apartment you don’t like? Would you want to eat a politically incorrect food that disgusts you? No way! You need to be doing things that make you love your life. When you have a goal, that goal is for you, and you need to go about accomplishing that goal in a way that reflects your personality, your values and your ideas. 

Get Out of the Flow

Stop going with the flow! The flow is stupid, and it is never impressive. Everyone wants to be successful. Every single person wants money and happiness, and everyone basically has the same ways to go about accomplishing those goals. Yes, sure. Go to college, get an internship, get a job, retire and all of that. Yes, Okay. Fine.

That’s average, Don’t be average! Be original and Be different! Grab attention, or don’t. But don’t try to live someone else's success story. Break out and turn left. People pay attention to people who are different and there will be something about you that’s different. Use these abnormalities to create the empire that is your image, your reputation and your style!

Try to accomplish your goals in ways that you come up with on your own. It’s way more fun, and it will end up being a much better story!

4: Prioritize
I have almost never accomplished a goal that wasn't my number one priority. I have never gotten an A on a paper I didn't try at, and I have never won any contests I didn't enter.
My mom is the number one person I have seen in my life who has done an absolutely outstanding job of making her goals her number one priority. In the past 5 or so years, my mom has been 100% all about her health, and her need to get out and exercise. My mom has lost a huge amount of weight in the past few years, and It is quite possibly the most amazing story I have to tell about anyone, anywhere following their dreams.
I distinctly remember the conversation I had with my mom when she finally decided to put every amount of effort that she had towards losing weight and becoming healthier. We were in the car and I asked her if we could stop at Wendy's (I'm definitely not at this point of strength, I am currently dreaming of going and getting a double cheeseburger and a large Dr. Pepper as I write this).
She said that we wouldn't be stopping at Wendy's, and she explained why. She told me that she was talking to someone that was a great friend of hers. She told me that she was telling that person that she wanted to get to a healthy weight.
She said that her friend stopped her, and challenged what she had just said. Her friend asked her a question that I honestly don’t think I’ll ever forget.Image

Her friend said. "Yes, but how much do you want it?"
My mom explained to me that it put things in perspective because before she was asked that question, she just wanted to lose weight. When she left that conversation, she began to evaluate how important this was to her. She thought of her different sources of motivation. She thought about how it would affect the people around her, and she thought about how it would affect herself.
After being asked this question, my mom put this goal at the very tip-top of her list of things to accomplish. She has now accomplished this goal with bold flying colors.
She is involved in several different groups for exercise, and she loves them all. She has made it her life to be a fit person, and It is the most admirable execution of a goal I have ever witnessed. She walks with friends for a social life. I joined her for a walk with a friend of hers that didn't walk as often, and was not seeing the same results.
On the walk, her friend asked her how she had the time to walk every day between work, dinner, family, sleep and other things. My mom responded with a simple and very direct answer. She told her friend that she just simply does not do those things if she hasn't walked that day. She told her that walking is the only thing she has to do every single day.
She made it her number one goal, and people can almost always accomplish their number one goals.

Image5: Just Give up!
When I was about 12 years old, I found a quote that said "Never, Never, Never Give Up." I thought it was so insightful, helpful and powerful that I printed it out and framed it and put it on my wall. I was so proud. I'd look at it for inspiration and love it. I thought it was amazing.
I had it up on my wall for about two years, until I honestly grew to hate this quote more than any other quote in the world. I know, I should be telling you to stick with your goals, and never never never give up. I think that is complete bull. I have never had less respect for a quote!
If you want to give up, you definitely are not passionate enough, and you don't even deserve to, or need to get to the finish line. If you feel stressed about a goal, that's perfectly fine. If you feel hopeless or frustrated about a goal at times, that's perfect. Achieving goals is challenging. Everything is so challenging.
But you should still at least enjoy putting in the work. There should still be benefits, and the idea of the reward should still be valuable in your mind. You should really want it. If you don't care, and you want to give up, then putting any more of your valuable time into the pursuit of the goal is stupid. If you're going for a goal that you hate so much that you actually want to stop trying and throw everything away, you are wasting your time! Give up!
Move on to something you care about. Something more. Why are you pretending you have time for this? Do what makes you happy, not what makes you feel like you didn't give up.
People who "have to finish what they started" confuse me. Because of your pride, you want to waste time doing something you hate? Never in my life would I finish something for the sole reason that I started it. Don't finish something because you started it. Finish something because you enjoy it. 

ImageThanks so much for reading! 

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