The 5 Things I am Feeling About Graduating From College: Two Days!

Woah woah woah woah... Wait a SECOND! I’m graduating college in two days. I only have one more thing to do and then I can finally categorize and define myself as an educated person… with a real education! Can I believe it? Nope!

This past weekend, I called up my photographer friend Nicole ( and asked her if she would take grad pictures of me. GRADUATION pictures! I know that I make every small thing a big deal, but this is a BIG deal. Here's the sneak peak:

This post will serve as my “How did Ben feel two days before he graduated from college?” post. And it will be in list form, of course. Here are all of my thoughts/concerns/idea/worries:

1. Can/Will I ever get a job?

Of course, I will find a job, I’m the most motivated guy around. I am going to do everything that it takes to find a job that I LOVE. Maybe it won’t be right away, but I’ll find it. I also am pretty easy to please. Throw me in front of a task and I’ll do it with joy simply because I’m a joyous person. Next.

2. I am moving to WHERE?

YES, If you haven’t heard, I have a one way ticket to NYC. Very excited about it, but of course it makes me nervous. Big city, big dreams, huge opportunity to succeed, but a little sliver of a chance I won’t find what I want.

3. What if something went wrong with my graduation application?

Seriously, this is a big concern of mine. When I went into the office to turn in my application, the counselor told me that everything was perfect, and she even said “congratulations” to me. I know I’m fine, but there is always the “what if?”

4. Is this whole thing even real?

I have been in college for 4 years now, and I have loved every minute of it! Now, everything is gonna change, and I mean everything. Think about it: What do I have in my life right now? I have school, the Bay Area, my internship with Eventbee, my family, my friends, and my car. I’m giving ALL of that up for my big dream! It can’t be real. I am so used to this life that I have that I can’t believe it’s real

5. I think I'm actually proud of myself...

Throughout my life, graduating college was never really a question or a chellenge. I was always going to go to college, so I never felt very proud of it (I took pride in my work, but I never felt that “going to college” was a challenge). Now that I am two days away, I am starting to feel proud.

Look what I have done! 4 years flew by like no other, but look at what I have done! I’m excited to graduate, but I am well aware of the fact that life will only get harder. With that being said, I might not ever have to buy a scantron again. And for that, I am thrilled.

On another note, my blog has been called “Starting From The Bottom: A Blog From The Perspective of a COLLEGE SENIOR going into the real world.”

I’m not going to be a college senior anymore. Any Ideas for a new title? Leave it in the comments!