The 3 Reasons I Believe Twitter is The Most Important Social Media Platform

People constantly talk about how they don’t understand Twitter, and it’s starting to really get to me! I have been using Twitter for around 5 years (I know, how is that possible), and I have found it to be incredibly helpful for dozens of reasons. I use Twitter for news, for entertainment, and even for my own writing practice. If you’re someone who doesn't think Twitter is important, I’d like to encourage you to step back and take a second look. It’s not just all about finding out what Miley Cyrus and her mom had for lunch (although I do enjoy that). Here are the 3 reasons Twitter is the most important social media platform out there.

1) You can get news that is real and timely.

If you are someone who relies on traditional news sources like FOX and CNN, it’s my belief that you’re missing out on crucial information. If I need to know more about that something is happening, I immediately check Twitter. There are many reasons for this. My favorite reason I check Twitter for news is that you can get real time reactions and updates about the news that you’re interested in. Your news isn't controlled or censored anymore. You now have live updates from police, victims, witnesses, and the surrounding community.

In the past, I have checked Twitter for an update about a public transportation delay, and found out that someone had been hit by a train a few stops back. I could see what witnesses were saying, I could read updates from BART, and I could make plans for what I was going to do. All of this was within a few minutes. This is news I would have received much, much, later if it weren't for Twitter.

2) You can hear your entertainment news straight from the people involved.

Personally, I love stories about celebrities, politicians, and heroic puppies. But if I wait for E! News or Extra, I’m essentially listening to *almost* useless gossip. Twitter is literally your one stop shop for entertainment news. It’s quick and instant. It’s also tailored to your interests, since you choose who you follow. meaning I don’t have to read any stories about the NFL Draft. That’s a thing right? It’s great because when someone I respect releases a product, I hear about it first on Twitter. When celebrities make a statements about divorce rumors, it’s on Twitter before anywhere else. Twitter is the* best place to find your entertainment news.

3) It helps your mind.

As someone who writes tweets, you have a huge opportunity to grow. Tweeting is a skill! It’s not something that every person is necessarily good at. We can joke about the 140 character limit, but in my honest opinion, it’s one of my favorite challenges. It forces you to be be a better, more concise writer. When tweeting, I highly recommend using the 140 character limit to your advantage. Don’t just stop writing after you hit the limit because it tells you to. Challenge yourself to say everything you want to say within that limit. Restructuring your sentences and reworking the way you describe things can really help you in your everyday writing! Emails, essays, etc. People will appreciate it!

There are plenty more reasons why Twitter is important, but these are my three favorite. If you don’t have a Twitter, or you don’t use it, I you should really re-think that! It’s a great news source, you get your entertainment news straight from the source, and it helps your writing and communication skills!

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments, and make a Twitter account! Have a great day!