The 20 GIFs That Accurately Represent My Post Grad Life So Far

I recently graduated with my Bachelor's in Business Marketing, and moved to New York City. It has been a roller coaster of wild feelings the whole way through, but I am finally zeroing in on my life here. I am beginning to meet friends, look for jobs, and don't forget that I signed a one year lease for a beautiful apartment! This post will serve as a collection of GIFs that accurately represent the transition time between college and getting a job. I'm just starting this huge search for a job, and hopefully my next post will be about how I landed the best job ever!

Alright, so here we go. I present to you the 20 GIFs that accurately represent my post grad life.ย 

1. When you find out you passed your classes and you definitely graduated.

2. But you won't believe it until you see the diploma...

3. So you have to wait for that.

4. And your graduation status WILL NOT CHANGE to "graduated."

5. But like, are they even trying!?

6. So you kind of give up on waiting to see your diploma because you assume it's just never coming.

7. Then you say goodbye to all your friends and family and move somewhere else. New York for me.


8. And you can't believe you literally left them behind.

9. But you get on the plane anyway.

10. And you land. In your new life.

11. And then you start to hunt for an apartment.

12. And you learn that there is nothing worse than apartment hunting. At all.

13. But you end up finding one! A beautiful one!

14. So you settle in.

15. And you spend the next four days shopping.

16. But it's not fun, it's exhausting.

17. And once you have everything done, you realize it's finally time to start searching for a real life job.

18. And you realize that this is going to hard.

19. But you know you can do it.

20. So you decide to stop writing this list and go look for more jobs.

And that's where I am so far! Hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment telling me you'll hire me!