Our Friend Noah Mailed Actual In-N-Out Burgers to NYC!

Ok-- I’m shocked. Let me start by saying that I have made it more than public that, after moving to New York in January, the #1 thing that I just miss is In-N-Out burger. More than my mom, more than my dog, I swear. The thing is, I just have zero access to this edible magic. I can talk to my mom, she can visit. But I have found that I CANNOT live without In-N-Out. I have texted with friends about this issue, I have blogged about it, posted on social media and more. I was crying out for help. Well, today, all of that changed.

While I was at work, I got a text message from my roommate/BFF Ande, that said, “We got a package from Noah, can I open it?”

Noah is one of our good friends from SF that we actually met at a drop in improv class on a random Monday night. He had just moved to SF on a one way ticket from New York. So we are kind of swapping lives right now.

I said, “YES! Open the package!”

It was a very large package. Like, a big one. Ande said it was very hard to open.

I wish I was there!

She opened the package, and she was like, floored. I could tell.

Ande: “I think he sent us In-N-out” Ande: “In a dry ice thing” Ben: “Wait really?” Ben: “What the HELL?” Ande: “I will wait for you to open it. I swear” Ande: “He has the utensils on top of the box of dry ice and In-N-Out” Ande: “There is a letter, can I open it and read it?” Ben: “Yes!” Ande: “Yeah, he sent us BURGERS and gave us a Five Guys gift card” Ben: “Haha what the hell!”

Ben: “I need pics lol” Ande: (pic) Ande: “They’re frozen I think.” Ben: “Oh my god” Ande: (two more pics)image2

image1 Ben: “Like, that’s really so funny” Ben: “So thoughtful” Ben: “I have to like, write a post about this"



I still can’t believe it. How funny.

I finished my day at work and came home. Sure enough, there they were! In the freezer just chilling! He also attached a letter!

I copied the letter here and also transcribed it below because it was really nice.


March 13, 2015

Dear Ben and Ande,

I’m so happy for you-- seeing you move in, working, making friends, and going to comedy clubs. Hope you’re loving New York City and enjoying spring coming.

I've enclosed In n Out Burgers. Please enjoy. I’ve also enclosed a gift card to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I won’t say it’s better than In n Out, because you and your other Californian friends would disown and physically assault me, but just… try it. There’s a big world of discoveries out there.

I won’t give a lot of advice on moving to a new city, because I’m sure you’re doing great. Just make sure to take time away from working and planning just step back and realize how beautiful the city is and how lucky you are. Also, the struggles will be some of the best parts, looking back.

I hope some New Yorkers welcome you as much as you welcomed me to San Francisco,

We miss you here, we love you, and - as they say in New York affectionately-- go fuck yourselves.

Noah Kaplan


I am going to go ahead and put this in my top 5 of gifts that I have received. The effort, the thought, all of it. I am downright impressed!

Overall, I want to thank Noah for keeping us in his thoughts and making us a priority. And messing with us.

Now, what the hell am I going to send him back!? Leave a reply below!

Thanks Noah.