On This Thanksgiving, I'm Looking At My Parents. I'm Glad They're Here.

This is my last Thanksgiving at home before I make my big move to New York, and I has me thinking about my life, what I have, and what I am thankful for. I wanted to try and come up with a creative way to post about thanksgiving besides making a list of what I’m thankful, but I think I want to keep this post simple and easy. I think what is getting to me this year is that I literally won’t be with these same people for Thanksgiving next year, and who knows how many years I am going to be in New York? It might be one year, but it might also literally be forever. It all depends on so much. I have about one month until I get on a plane and literally leave my life, and everything that I know. It’s so easy for me to act confident about the move. So easy for me to tell you that I am excited, and that I have no reservations. I will miss people, I REALLY am going to miss people.

This year, I want to highlight a part of my life for which I am 100% thankful and grateful. I want to talk about my parents, which is something I have never posted on this fabulous blog.

I am thankful for my parents. My mom and dad. With this whole moving thing, my relationship with them was something I was worried about. My plan to move home, in part, was so that I could spend 6 months with them and I honestly believed they would give me just enough chores, regulations, curfews, etc. to lead me to HATE them, and it would be easier to move away from them.

This is the exact opposite of what happened. The only thing that happened is that I grew closer and more fond of both of them. We have a MUCH better relationship than ever, which is great.

Through my whole life, I can’t think of them not supporting me (and I’m the type of kid that needs a lot of support).

I can sit down and think of about 100 times at which they supported me, in a huge way. When I came out to them via snail mail in 2011, my dad’s quote was, “We just want all of our kids to be happy.”

What a simple statement. And they have both let me live my life as me, myself, and whatever I am. If I wanted to be into art, I was into art. I wanted to be a rockstar, I had guitar lessons. I was lonely, and they got me a dog that I loved. They supported me through school, especially emotionally.

And now, the biggest thing of my life, so far, I am moving to New York. And they just straight up support it. No questions, no challenges, just support. WHAT IS THAT?

Anyway, I find that my parents are what I find myself thinking about this thanksgiving, and I’m glad I’m finally there with them. I am proud of our very adult, respect based relationship. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with them, as if they are just a couple of friends (who always pay for my movie tickets). What is better than that!?

I hope everyone has someone in their life that they can look to for support, and I hope you tell these people they matter. Have an amazing thanksgiving, I know I will. I’m with my parents!