On The Plane To New York And This Feels Right

My mind is entirely scattered right now. I am sitting on the plane to New York, and my mind is going over and over everything right now. This is literally the fastest my mind has ever gone. I have so many thoughts, so I want to write them down and save them. Here they are: This feels right. Last night, my friends and family gathered one last time before I got on my plane this morning for New York. I said my goodbyes, and that was seriously so incredibly hard for me to do. I have some incredibly supportive people around me. I have an amazing family. I can’t say that I have ever had the exact feeling I had this morning when I had to say goodbye to my mom. I don’t know if anything in my life has been so heartbreaking. I can’t believe I am doing this, but again, it feels right. I definitely just stepped out of my life when everything was going right. I am not leaving a terrible life for a better one. I’m not escaping from anything. I am moving to New York out of a pure desire to grow.

I’m 22 years old and now is the time. I know this is one of the most typical things a person can say, but I really think 2015 is MY year. I will look back at this year forever, and the memories I have yet to be made. I wanted to come up with a list of New Year’s resolutions, but I think I have something better.

As I sit on this plane (which will be landing in Chicago in two hours and 37 minutes, according to my flight tracker) I find myself completely open to whatever is going to happen to me in the next year. I find that I want to make the goal of living my life with a purpose. I want to make it a goal to make every move I make mean something.

If nothing else, after this year I will be stronger. I will be more confident, and I will be better. I want to make my life about becoming stronger. Every step I have taken throughout my entire life has made me stronger, and I really want that to continue. It really was completely sad to leave my friends and family behind. There is nothing that I can do to get away from that. BUT. This is my year. This is my time. I honestly can’t believe I followed through with this decision. I honestly thought I would back out. What kind of guy does this? This is a crazy thing that I’m doing. WHAT? I wonder what 16-year-old Ben would think of this. I keep going back to that.

What would it look like if I went back to 16 year old Ben and said “You will have met dozens of amazing friends in college, graduated with a degree in Marketing, completed a great internship, and now you are on a plane with a best friend from college to New York, where you will live from now on."

If I could look 16-year-old Ben in the eye and tell him these things, he would be in awe. He wouldn’t believe it. I am 22. But for 22, that’s pretty phenomenal! Here’s to 2015, man. Here’s to NYC. Please leave a comment! Thanks for reading. To keep up with my story, please subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the "subscribe" page!