My Three Dreams - By Benjamin Hawes

reneeAs I was leaving Victoria’s wedding on Saturday night, her sister Renee pulled me to the side and looked me in the eyes and told me something.

She looked at me and said, “Follow your dreams. Go to New York,”

That’s all she said and that’s all I needed.

She knows I love being the token “follow your dreams” guy in the group. She knows that I make it a point in every day of my life to show people that they can be who they want to be. That they can live the lives that they want to live. That they are allowed to be passionate.

But now it’s my turn, so I want to tell you about my dreams. I’ll number them so it’ll be easier to read!

800px-New_York_Brooklyn_BridgeNumber One:

I want to live in New York. I just want to go and live in New York. If I hate it, I’ll hate it. But I have to go. I’ll never know if I don’t at least try it, and I need to know.

Number Two:

I want to get a job. I want to get a job that I can talk about at parties and people understand what I do. I want to be paid well. I want to LOVE the people that I work with. But the bottom line is that I want a job in New York.

My current dream job that I’m telling people about is to be a Copywriter for an advertising agency. This is the person who comes up with the text on ads. Whether it be on a print ad in a magazine, a billboard, a radio or TV commercial, or even a sometimes jingle. I want to write promotionally. I think that sounds cool.

wedding victoriaNumber Three:

I want to continue to have a whole lot of friends. I have so many people that I just would die without, and my fear is that I would lose it all when I move. I am putting it all out there, and I could lose it all. I want to keep everyone close to me, but I am afraid that I can’t as I get older. I also want to make create new relationships with people as I take more steps towards everything, but I just don’t want to lose the people that I have.

Those are my dreams, and It’s time that I go for them. It should be simple. It should be straight forward. It should be hard, difficult and terrifying. But it should be as simple as taking one step after another.

Thanks for reading! Have a spectacular day. Leave a comment!