My Friend Is Going To Ferguson

As a white person, I guess there will always be a part of me that “doesn’t get it.” Yesterday I had dinner with a few friends at TrueBurger in Oakland, where I had maybe one of the best hot dogs I have ever eaten. I don’t see my friend Noah very often, and last night he announced to us that he had a flight in the morning (today) to Ferguson.

He’s on his way right now to Ferguson, Missouri so that he can see and feel, first hand, what is going on there.

I have been reading updates on social media and blog-type news sites, and so I was obviously kind of shocked that someone would put themselves in that situation. Impressed, and shocked. We were sitting there and he was being so calm about it and I was just thinking how cool that was, that he would go and feel all of the emotion that is there. Unreal.

As time went on, I started to worry about his safety. For obvious reasons, I was worried about his safety. But then a thought came to me, and stuck with me. It bothers me, and it upsets me.

My thought was that "he is more likely to be okay, and he is more likely to come home unharmed because he is white."


I should never have had that thought. There shouldn't be facts and history to back that up. I think that hit me in a big way today. I would try to put words together that will explain how wrong that is, but there are hundreds of bloggers who can say it better than I can. I would encourage everyone to find those blogs. I have been keeping updated with this live coverage feed on Buzzfeed, but again, there are many sources.

That thought I had just completely bothers me. I just think it’s outrageous. I don’t even know what to say, or what I can say, but I just want to say something.

You can follow Noah on twitter here. Another friend that you should follow is Cecilia Mcdonald. She has been keeping people updated on social media. Follow her here.

Here’s an image that got to me. Thanks for reading.