My First Week At Work

IMG_1573So, today I finished my first week of work in my new adult grown up person life. I feel exhausted, and I am so excited that it’s Friday! I started my week on Monday, like most do, at 9:30am. This week I worked M-F from 9:30-6pm, and they days felt like forever! I actually can’t believe that I made it to Friday. Next week I start working M-F from 8am-6pm (10 hours), so I’ll have to get used to that! First of all, my job is amazing. It’s just so fun, even though it’s customer service (so you would think I’m dealing with a lot of arguing and dispute). The people are so funny, and so nice and I just love them. I feel like I feel into the perfect position, at the exact right time.

My job is basically to answer emails, and fix issues that people have with fees, class schedules, etc. It’s an email based job, so I don’t have to answer phones right now, but in the future I will. But it’s not really that big of a deal.

IMG_1532There really are just a lot of perks with my job (overtime, full benefits, stocked kitchen, freedom to leave whenever)! Even if I didn’t enjoy the work that I’m doing, it’s worth it! Plus, I feel like every half hour, something funny happens, or someone comes to talk, or other things. My favorite thing about the job is the freedom that I have to leave the office. Literally at any time I want, I can leave the office to go grab lunch, or coffee, or anything like that. I’m just allowed to! Usually someone will come in and ask if anyone wants to go to Starbucks or to get food somewhere, and I ALWAYS want to! I mean, I only really leave 1-2 times a day for like 15 minutes, but it really breaks up the day! IMG_1566I downloaded Spotify on my work computer (brand new Macbook Air), and I learned that I can actually get a lot more work done while listening to music.

My boss is cool, and my co workers are literally just the bee’s knees. They are all so young, and so funny. It’s customer service, so people naturally are likable and “people persons.” Everyone is so inviting and just generally very cool!

And people are from all over the country as well! One girl is from a town of like 300 people in Indiana. Someone is from Boston, someone is from Tennessee, etc. Everyone has a story, and I like that.

nicoleI just am really happy. With everything. With my job, with my life, with everything I am doing right now. I honestly think moving to new york was a great choice. I love it.


On another note: Nicole (childhood BFF) came to visit this week, and we have been having a BLAST. I mean, it’s not ideal because I am going to work every day until six, but after that it’s a BLAST! We went to see Wicked last night at the Gershwin Theater in Manhattan, and it was spectacular. We had “partial view” seats, so it wasn’t the best, but it was a great experience.

I am in love with my little life I’m creating. It’s crazy how it’s all really coming together!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day and come visit me in NY!!!!