My First Day At My Job! How It Went.

Wow. I know I started my previous post with that same word, but wow. Today, I started my new job as a Customer Experience Associate at my new company. Long story short, I loved it. The people, the perks, everything. Everything is seriously better than I had imagined. I just need to write it all down. You need to know that this job is better than I had imagined. I really hit the jackpot.

IMG_1531I was in the office from 9:30-6:00 today, and the day started with a 30 minute orientation about the company, its history, its goals, etc. There were six new people starting today, and three of them were in the Customer Experience team like me. After the brief orientation, they gave us each a brand new Macbook Air. It was like Oprah! I was in love with it.

Then we went to be with our own manager, who is honestly just a really nice guy. He and another girl who was training us (also amazing), gave us a run down of the job, the department, and also the perks.

One thing that I could just die about was the fact that we get unlimited paid vacation. Sounds crazy right? That's because it is! What an amazing policy! He said that the people naturally tend to take less time off with an unlimited policy, and that we should make sure that we did take vacation time. It also includes sick days and other days off. So as long as you are doing your job well, you can take time off!

IMG_1532Here's another thing: There is a fully stocked kitchen right in the office! They have all kinds of chips and popcorn, they have about 20 candy jars full of trail mix items, so you can make your own trail mix, they have a bunch of different sodas, and other drinks INCLUDING beer! Now, I don't like beer, but WOW.

Another thing about the job is that I will be working 50 hours a week. Not THAT ideal, but the salary they hired me with was based on 40 hours a week. So I am actually going to make more per year than expected! They give 10 hour shifts, but they really want you to take time for yourself during the day. So while I might be working from 8am-6pm, it's completely fine for me to take time to go to an extended lunch, or even a class with some people! The company gives you unlimited access to fitness classes in NY. That's why someone would go to a class.

The people that I will be working with are actually really fun! I liked everyone, and they seemed to like me too! Well, duh. I just feel like there is definite potential for friendships. REAL NEW YORK FRIENDS!

Overall, I am just incredibly excited. I think it's going to be a really fun place to start my career. I'm just loving this.

Thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you can think of anything!