Me as a Country STAR? And Other Dreams I Have Now

When I was about ten years old, my mom was driving me to CVS to pick up some pills or something. At that point in my life, it was my full on dream to be a country S-T-A-R.

Oh yes, I wanted the hat, the guitar, I wanted it all. There was nothing that could have stopped me, and I was very open about that.

We were in the parking lot of the store, finding a spot, and I told my mom that I wished that I could just see into the future and just see if I made it.

I said that I wanted to look into a crystal ball and watch myself at 40 years old, just so I could know that I had made it. As a county star. Laugh out loud.

My mom’s response is something that I have thought about every now and then, and it still bothers me. She looked at me and asked me “Well what if you don’t like what you see?”

I remember hating that response. OF COURSE I will be successful. OF COURSE I will live my dreams. All of them.

Looking back on that now, I laugh. Not because it’s a funny story, but because I picture myself in a dark cowboy hat in tight jeans and scruff, and I don’t feel like it makes much sense. I drive a 95 Honda Civic.

Since then, since I was 10, I have changed a little bit. Obviously. I have different dreams, and I hope for different outcomes. But I still have the same drive and ambition and I will still refuse to let someone block my dreams. I still hate when people tell me I can’t, and I WILL live the life I want.

I was thinking about that story on my Bart (I hate when people capitalize BART, for some reason) ride to my internship in San Francisco today. I feel like it really inspired something in me and got me to think about my future and the reality of my new dreams. I feel like it’s all about growth and development, and that my dreams will always change, and that’s TOTALLY okay, because if they didn’t, I would have to spend my time opening up for Toby Keith shows.

Now I’m dreaming of new things. I am about to graduate college, I want to move to New York, I want to get a JOB, like, quickly, and I have different benchmarks for my own success. It’s an interesting thought. I like it.

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