Is My Life Actually This Dope? A 5 Point Assessment.

Omg guys I feel so bad. I haven't posted in FOREV, but it's because my life has been unreal. I'm obviously exaggerating, but it has been great. I have had visitors in NY all of August, which has been amazing. There are five things that you *need* to know about the last month that I am going to write in the following list: 1) I am SERIOUSLY losing weight right now. I feel like it's so good, because I am currently 9.2 pounds down, which is a real number. When you lose 3 pounds, it's a GREAT :Mean Girls" reference that will get a laugh, but it doesn't turn heads. Look: I need to be a 10. I feel like after I saw Magic Mike XXL, I realized that my soul looks like a perfect combo of Matt Bomer and Channing Tatum. But my body doesn't currently match. I'm serious about this you guys. I am going to have the bod of all bods and I'm going to probably meet my first husband soon. I am doing a competition at work where we are seeing who can lose the highest percentage of their original body weight in August, and I'm on TOP! I'm thrilled about it, stay tuned.ย 

2) I found a GREAT BAR. It's a gay show tunes sing-along piano bar. That's FIVE things I love, in one location!


-Show Tunes




3) At my job, I am now the "Team Builder" aka the person who plans birthdays, welcome things for new members, goodbye parties, and like, all celebrations. Could I be more excited? Literally NO. Esp now that I'm getting skinnier and I found a bar I LOVE. #partyplanningcommittee

4) I just got tickets to see Nick Jonas on September 8th, which is the exact reason why I moved to NYC. So that things like this would just pop up. And it did. I have general admission so I can work my way to the front. Especially since I'm 9.2 pounds lighter now and I can squeeze through any loser who thinks I'm not a go-getter. I'm thrilled about this.ย 

5) I have been taking more exercise classes again! I took a break because I went through a "why don't I just chill out?" phase where I didn't want to do anything after work, but now I'm in it, and I'm ON. Last night, I went to a Magic Mike themed spinning class, and then RIGHT after, I went to a dance class called "Ratchet Zooba" where we dance like we are in music videos and they play Nicki Minaj and it makes me feel good about myself. I literally took TWO classes in one night. #Exhausted

Anyways, those are my updates. I hope you literally loved every second. I feel like, thrilled about my life as usual, and I'm fine. Oh and I'm staying in NYC forever, if anyone was wondering.ย 

Okay bye! Go look at pictures of Nick Jonas online and be jealous (lol). Scroll down to leave a comment if you love me...