I Just Gave My Two Weeks Notice At My Internship With Eventbee. Here’s How I Feel.

Having an internship was something I always dreamed of. I had put it in my checklist of things I would do, right next to getting my driver's license and going to college. I have seriously always wanted to have an internship. I spent a lot of my time in the beginning of the spring 2014 semester preparing to apply to internships. I knew I didn't have what it was going to take to get a job after graduation without having the experience I would gain through an internship.

I buckled down like nobody’s business. I wrote up my resume and sent it out to everyone I thought could help me. I sent it to teachers, friends’ parents, peers, etc. I built up my LinkedIn profile to be all it could be. I listened to podcasts, watched videos, and read blog posts about how to interview well and how to land the job.

I wanted an internship very badly. Being in San Francisco, most of the postings for internships were positions with tech start-ups, and I had zero problems with that! I knew I wanted to go into marketing, and I did just that.

I remember having the feeling that I knew what I wanted my career to look like, but I just needed to start. I felt like once I got a start, my career would move easier and be able to grow at a faster pace.

Long story short, I got an internship! I didn't end up applying to very many because I became so focused on this one in particular. I knew I wanted it.

Fast forward about 6 months. It is now December of 2014, right before I graduate from SFSU, and I have solid internship experience under my belt. I have been amazing at the number of things I have learned, and the value of the experience I have gained. I am so much more confident I am with people in sales situations, and how much more I know now, than I did before. I have had so many experience that are out of my comfort zone that my comfort zone is now wider than ever, and I love that.

Want me to get specific? Okay, I will. One of the greatest fears I have always had is speaking over the phone. I have always been afraid, with anything from making doctor appointments to ordering a pizza! The phone was seriously one of my largest weaknesses. And I’m going into marketing! We can’t have me be afraid to talk on the phone.

I think the phone-phobia is a generational thing. None of us really had to talk on the phone much growing up. We all ignore our calls and just listen to voicemails. We don’t even have to “call” our voicemails! I am willing to assume that a lot of the people who are graduating with me are just as afraid of phone calls as I was, and I am afraid no longer!

I am now very confident on the phone, and I am grateful.

Along with my new phone skills, I have picked up skills in email marketing, idea generation and brainstorming, and especially writing. I think over the past 6 months, I have become a better writer because I have thrown myself into various writing positions with different platforms for which I receive constructive criticism, comments, reports. What I have learned from my experience at Eventbee is how to write in another person’s voice.

I now am able to put myself in others' shoes mentally and write from their voice, their perspective, and what matters to them. I value this new ability tremendously.

I definitely feel ready to move to the next step. I feel ready and able to take on new challenges, meet new people, and learn a whole new set of skills. I am thankful for this opportunity I have been given, and I feel so empowered by the whole experience in working with Eventbee.

If there is anyone out there who is considering getting an internship, pondering the idea, or doubting themselves, I highly recommend putting yourself out there. You might know what is in the textbooks, or be able to make a presentation in a classroom, but nothing can replace real work experience. Definitely do it, you won’t regret it one bit!

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