I got an internship!!

Dear Readers-

I'm on cloud 9.5 because I got an internship! I have been trying so hard to get this internship, and I finally got the job! It's with a company called Eventbee (eventbee.com) which does really simple online ticketing for events. They started a new extension of the company called Volumebee (volumebee.com) and I am part of the group who is in charge of marketing it!


What is Volumebee? I found out today! It's a lot like kickstarter, if you have heard of that. It's all about setting a sales or fundraising goal, and it's a platform to raise money! Check out the website here, it's a pretty cool idea!

The office is amazing, and the doors to the elevator are golden. I love it. And I'm so happy with it. SO HAPPY!

Thanks for reading!