I Believe In You: A Letter To Myself One Year From Today

Dear Ben, It’s October 28, 2014 and you’re drinking a large Diet Coke (with light ice) in the Cesar Chavez Student Center at SFSU, and you have Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, on repeat, and I mean ON repeat. You just turned in a simple 600 word paper about your internship at Eventbee at noon, and you have a 3 hour break until your Marketing Management class at 3:35. You just got back from New York City, and with excitement, you finalized your decision to move there.

I want you to remember this right now. I want you to look back at me right now and understand who you were. You were fun, cool, and you were happy. You are passionate about what’s next, and you absolutely cannot wait for the next step. Always take the next step.

College was an AMAZING time for you. You did everything. Everything changed. You grew and didn’t stop. Everything you learned about yourself was important, and you need to take everything you know and run with it. Your friends are people that you absolutely adore and love, and I want you to never forget that. The people in your life are the* most important thing you have, and they have always been there. Do not forget that.

In this letter, I want to address you, me, a year from today. You will be in New York, and you will have a job. I want to make this clear, if you have a dumb job that you don’t like, or isn’t enough for you, DO SOMETHING. Never settle for something that makes you look like anything less than a successful guy. You need to live your life with one thing in mind: Do what it takes to get what you want. I repeat, NEVER let anyone tell you you can’t, because you CAN. I need you to know that I believe in you, and so does everyone else. DO NOT let yourself settle for anything you aren't happy with.

With that being said, it is okay to struggle. Everyone understands that you won’t have everything right away. The people who are older and wiser do not expect you to be successful overnight, but they do expect you to work. Work. Work hard. I want to be remembered as someone who worked very, very hard to get where he was, and that is our responsibility. It is SO important that you never give up, even a year out from now.


We have a name to live up to. Benjamin Hawes. Please, always work to make that name one that people respect, admire, and love. I beg of you, if there is something you want, go for it and never look back. Regret is absolute bullshit, don’t ever hesitate to go for something you want. You are enough. And if you aren't, you can pretend to be.

This year is important. This year will define you. Make this year count.

In December 2014, you will graduate from San Francisco State University, and you were happy. You struggled, and you were overwhelmed at times, but I want you to look back on this time with positivity and love. I want you to look back on this time as a time of transformation, improvement, and as a foundation for who you will become in the years to come.

Please take this letter and use it as motivation to stay hungry, to follow every dream, and to live the life you have imagined. Please remember what everybody has done for you. Remember that they believed in you. Remember that everyone struggles, and if you struggle, struggle with style and stand up. Don’t complain. Vent, but don’t complain. Make sure that everyone knows that Ben Hawes does not settle, and he WILL be someone. And Remember that he IS someone, and he is very happy, full of dreams, and ready for the next step in his life, the lives of others, and each relationship in which he is involved.

I beg of you to never forget that you got where you are because you were true to yourself, and trying to be someone else will only slow you down. Ben Hawes is enough. Ben Hawes is good. Ben Hawes can do anything, because Ben Hawes knows who he is.

Remember to let things go, laugh, and move on. Nobody can slow you down. Don’t let someone stop you.

Take these words and store them away for a bad day. Take them out and remember that I love you, I need you, and I believe in you.

Thank you for everything in advance,

Benjamin Hawes

Can you relate? Leave a comment and tell me what you think! Have a beautiful day, and follow every dream!