Hi I'm Ben, And I'm Happier Than Ever In NYC

It’s always a strange thing when I come back to this blog after not writing for a few months. I usually don’t write because I’m busy, or because I’m stressed. This time, I haven’t written because I haven’t felt like I have needed to. I haven’t felt like I had something huge to say, and I haven’t made any huge announcements. I think it has been about three months since my last post, and here I am with an update on my life for all of my devoted fans!

It has been five months since I made the big move from SF to NYC. Five months. In that five months, I have honestly just become like, the* happiest version of myself. I have no complaints about my life, which is so new for me.

I started my job at ClassPass exactly three months ago, and it honestly could not be better. The people I work with are so prime and so hilarious, and I love them. I wish I could give you more details about why it’s so great, but you  just have to trust me. I think that when I decided to move out here, I expected to have some miserable job where I would have to work my way up to even slightly enjoy my day to day life. But nope! Great fun job right out the gate.

Ever since I graduated college, my happiness and level of chill has sky-rocketed. I have never been able to manage my happiness in such a controlled way in my entire life. Just when I thought I was as me as I could get, NYC changed that.

I am about AS independent as it gets for a 22 year old. I do mean that in the financial way, but I also just mean that I have become such a socially independent person. There was a time that I was afraid to spend time alone in public, but let me tell you that I have become a pro. An actual PRO. And the funny thing is that I know there are totally people out there who are going to see this as a ‘sad’ thing or whatever. But it’s seriously not. I can do anything I want, and one of the things that I am finding is that aside from my job, I have absolutely zero responsibilities.

As long as I go to work M-F from 8-6, I can do whatever the hell I want. I actually can. And I am taking advantage of it all. I am at a point where I don’t have to spend a penny on anything that I don’t want to. I don’t have any children that I know of, I have yet to lose money in a divorce, and I am just really finding that 22 is really just the age to be.

GOSH my life is so fabulous at this point. I get a manicure more than once a week, I can go the movies and see whatever I want, and I am finding that I am as free as can be. There is basically no compromise in my life, lol.

I am finally at the point where I don’t answer to anyone!

And there are going to be people that want to disagree with that statement and tell me that I actually do answer to someone because I have a job and a boss, but let me remind you that my job is a PLEASURE and everyone is the best, so I’m not counting that.

Here is the SHOCKER-- and all of my truest fans are going to be so surprised at this-- I have also been exercising. Working out. And not like, doing pushups in my room or running at the gym. I have been going to literal fitness classes (spinning and yoga mostly) where I get to live my fantasy of being a fancy mofo and go to all of these uppity spinning studios where they have free water and fruit. I took 22 classes in the month of May because I have the time and the energy, because again, I have no real responsibilities.

OH-- The biggest thing! I can pay to have anything done here. Like, I actually can tell you with full confidence that I am never doing my own laundry again. I literally am not going to do it. There is a service called FlyCleaners that lets me press a button on my phone and have my laundry picked up, washed, folded and delivered the next morning.

I have also been having my groceries delivered BECAUSE I CAN. I just tap the foods that I want, and they are delivered. Like seriously my life is so effing glam that I cannot even handle it. I am an actual Kardashian.

I honestly just cannot even express to you all how much I do not regret moving to New York. Like this was seriously such a good call on my part. My life could not be going better.

I think we always pretty much knew that I might be ‘successful’ and rich. But who in god’s name knew how seriously happy I would be? Like this is seriously unreal. I’m literally the happiest person I know.

I’m going to be flying to CA to visit for a week, and I couldn’t be more excited, and that is for one reason. Because I literally get to report to everyone that I did it! I made it in NY!

I feel like when I was about to leave in January, people had faith that I would figure it out, but nobody REALLY knew what this could become. I mean, come on people, this is the best possible outcome!

If you have any thoughts, or you need an autograph, please just leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!