Here Are A Couple of Really Exciting Updates on My Life!!!

It’s time for an update. Big things are happening. I’m kind of kidding, but I’m also not kidding at all. Right now, as of 4:00pm on August 18, 2014, I have three original creative writing pieces on HOME PAGES of some major websites. Let me go in order.

A couple of weeks ago, I was surfing the internet, like always. I came across this website called I was looking through all these websites with blogs about how to move across the country, because I’m doing that in January. I am.

I fell in love with the site. They have articles all about saving money in order to move out, how to decorate small spaces, how to live with certain people, and all of that. It is completely all about finding and living in your “first apartment.” Loved it. I came across a post that said they were looking for bloggers, and that they pay 20 dollars a post. I, being a poor mofo, was so on it.

I emailed the editor, and I was like, “Look: I’m the guy. I am making a move across the country soon, I am in college and I have lived in a totally different room/apartment each year, and I was an RA for 3 years and I know everything there is to know about conflicts and having fun in apartments.” And I sent her my article called “My Three Dreams” as a sample of my writing. This was at 3:30am on a Monday morning.

By like 9:00am, she emailed me back and said, “I also think you would be a great writer for MFA (My First Apartment).” She was like, “Write a sample article about how to get along with your first roommate, and we’ll get you set up and send you money for your work.”

So I wrote the article, and we exchanged a bunch of emails, and now, it is with huge pride that I can announce that my article “How To Get Along With Your First College Roommate” is PUBLISHED, POSTED, and PROMOTED on the front page of It’s just straight up chillin' on the front page like nbd, and I’m over here freaking out because someone found value in my writing and then proceeded to send a check to my house and allow me to deposit that check.

I am not trying to brag about the amount. It’s the principle. Someone paid me to write for their website. Check out that article here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 4.38.23 PMThe next thing required less effort, but is more exciting. My GOD it is exciting. If someone asked me what my legit number one favorite website of all time was, I would tell them that it was

Why? Because Buzzfeed is AWESOME. They are a news/media/entertaining (MAJOR) website. I love Buzzfeed. I also love chicken nuggets, and those two things are related now.

I was bored on Sunday at 6:00pm, and I wrote a Buzzfeed article called “The 15 Things That Chicken Nugget Lovers Are Tired Of Hearing.” I love chicken nuggets, and I was just speaking from the heart.

(And that kids, is how to get famous.) Oh yeah- I’m famous now.

I got an email from Buzzfeed on monday around 2pm that my post was being featured on the “Buzzfeed Community Homepage.” That means that the editors at Buzzfeed liked my article and decided to promote it. I got another email an hour later that said my post was going to be put on BUZZFEED DOT COM. Just straight up The Homepage. Oh my god did I freak out. I texted EVERYONE. Well, not everyone. But you know, it felt like it.

Then I got like 8 more emails, one every 20 minutes. “You won the facebook 100 shares  award,” and “ your post has recieved 10,000 views” etc.

Was I flipping a lid? Yes. Was it for sure going to my head? uh huh, yeah. I was in SF for the Fred Armisen Show (amazing BTW) and when I came out of the show, I kid you not, my post had received ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND (120K) VIEWS!!! You can see this article here

This continued all night. More and more. Bigger and bigger. Right now, my post is the #1 post, and I am the #2 contributor. The post currently has 190,000 views. Is this a joke?

So I wrote another post today called “The 22 Most Annoying Stages of Group Projects” and It’s on the same track! First the community home page, then the regular home page, and on and on. You can see that article here

Anyway, I think this might be my calling. I think writing might be my legit thing. Like, holy shit, I think it might be my thing.

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Thanks everyone for everything! Life is so good! Leave comments!