Ben's 3 Resolutions for 2017

  2016 absolutely had low points, but as I reflect, I realize it was a pivotal year for me. I learned and I grew. I made mistakes, and I was told no so many times that it broke me. When I turned 24 in June, I felt like I needed to really get serious and start being an “adult.”

I am on a lifelong mission to be a real life adult, and I wouldn’t have been able to set forth these new 2017 goals if I didn’t suffer a little bit in 2016.

2016 did break me down a little bit. I didn’t get everything I want, and to be blunt, I usually do kind of get what I want. I'm realizing that this is totally okay.

I wanted to set these three new themes on this blog to show everyone where I’m coming from when I come into 2017 and smash it.

Below are my three themes I’ll be living by:

2017 Is Ben’s Year of Hustle

As I mentioned, 2016 told me no many times. Throughout the year I brushed off noes because I know that you cannot succeed if you don’t fail. And there is a part of that theme that I don’t think I was totally grasping.

Of course, every successful person has failed. I know that. But I’m realizing that at the same time, failing doesn’t necessarily lead to success. Failure can only come from success if you learn how to succeed from your mistakes.

This year, I am going to take what I have learned about my own habits and turn it all into straight. up. hustle. 

I know what I want, and hear me when I say I am going to get it. There is something within me that is burning and this is the year I grow from all of this. I want to make more money. I want to save more money. I want to set myself up better to be a financial wizard. I want to prove myself to the world. To my family and friends. To my haters. And to myself. 

I’m turning 25 and I want 25-year-old Ben to be a success story. What I’m learning is that success isn’t natural, it doesn’t come with time. It comes with actual hard work. And I am a hard worker, and to most, I am successful. But this is the year I get down and dirty and make shit happen.

You heard it here first.

2017 is Ben’s Year of Balance

In 2016, I learned a pretty valuable lesson. In my overall life, I had too many things on my plate. I tried to go for quantity, not quality. I tried to “have it all” and I didn’t get anything out of it. I learned that if you take too much on, you lose.

I went out too late on too many nights with too many people. I spent too much money on too much food and too many shows.

This is my year that I pull back.

At home, I plan to clean, read, and sleep more. At work, I plan to only take on projects that I know I can handle well. In my personal life, I plan to not be talked into doing something if I’m not interested. I want to spend less money on the wrong things.

2017 is Ben’s Year of Wisdom

For my entire life, I have focused way too much on being funny. It has always been important to me that people know that I can read a room, make a joke, and get a laugh. Mid-twenties Ben is realizing that humor isn’t going to get me as far as I want to go. 

In 2016, I have actually really loved helping the people in my life with their careers. Friends who are graduating college send me their resumes, people who are switching jobs ask me for advice, and I have realized that I really, really, enjoy those conversations.

I have decided that in the future, I want to get better at all of that and become a career coach or counselor. I am so fascinated by that whole journey for people, and I just want to be involved.

However, I am not quite there yet in terms of experience or education to get there. And I don’t mean school. I need to get out there and learn. I need to read a ton of books. I need to put myself in conversations with people about their own lives, their experiences. I’m really interested in becoming a person who is not only funny, but wise.

I have started this initiative already, but I want 2017 to be the year of wisdom. I’m excited to transform my role in the lives of my friends.

And there you have it! In 2017, I will have hustle. I will be balanced. I will be wise. Let me know what you plan to achieve in 2017! Maybe we can do it together :)

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