Are You Actually Living Your Truth? Caitlyn Jenner & Me

I’m. DYING. At. Caitlyn. Jenner. Right. Now.

I just finally watched “I am Cait.” On the E! Network and I am so excited about this. I know there are hundreds and thousands of blog posts out there about Caitlyn Jenner, trans rights, and so much more. So I am going to try to keep this post about my own perspective, because that is all I have to offer, and I’m awesome and individual, here we go: 

Keep in mind: You are catching me at a very positive and thrilled vibe, so you’re going to be positive and thrilled when you read this!

I have STRONG feelings about Caitlyn. Caitlyn is my literal favorite celebrity/role model/person right now. She represents so much of what I feel about that world, that I can’t help but to scream in excitement just thinking of her.

The Ben Hawes message to the world has always* been one of independence, of happiness, of truth and authenticity. It is because I live every day with these four “pillars” that people even give me the time of day.

I can’t even stress to you all how much I genuinely believe that the key to a happy and productive life is truth and honesty. And Caitlyn has taken these feelings of mine and validated the shit (sorry mom) out of them. She has shown to everyone that these are the* things you need to do to live your true life.

She represents so much about how it’s seriously never ever too late to break free from any trap or box you are in. That there is never too much pressure to break free and be who you are openly, publicly, unapologetically, and boldly.

I want to beg of everyone reading this, that for one moment of the day, you listen to your gut and to your heart and dig as deep as you possibly can and do something that makes you feel free. Do something that makes you feel you. For me, that is eating a full bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Man I really do love Doritos. Okay back to the show:

I just want everyone in my world to understand the amazing happiness that comes from entire truth and full authenticity.

In Caitlyn’s docu-series on E!, we see her family come to meet her for the first time. Her mother comes to visit, her children come to visit. In every interaction, Caitlyn is radiating happiness, and I die every time. She talks about how while she is the same person, she is more laid back, funnier, and just more fun. And that is ALL life is supposed to be in my mind, right?  What is life if it isn’t fun?

I want to thank Caitlyn and everyone who takes the time and the brave energy to prove to others that truth is the only way to go and that there is nothing more exciting than living your entire truth. AHHH!

It’s so important to also recognize that “being who you are” isn’t only about your physical/emotional/racial/etc identifying makeup. Being who you are means to live up to the entire* package of who you are.

You do have a unique life, and a unique perspective. We should all be doing what we can to share, teach and learn.

For me, I have found that being gay is almost one of the least important identifiers in my personality. Of course, it has been one of my hugest struggles, but I genuinely believe that my sexual orientation has so little to do with the reason people are drawn to me as a person (I can get away with saying that because I said so).

I find that what people find funny and exciting about me is that I am completely over dramatic, that I am lazy with large opinions, and that I absolutely will not apologize for anything that I do. Ever.

In my opinion, being “Ben Hawes” means to be the kind of person who does what it takes to get what I want. And to be fancy AF and to never care what people think, even kind of. It means to pay way too much attention to way too many details, and to care way too much about way too many things. It means to spend money to hire artists to draw my favorite celebrities, and hang those pieces on my walls. It means to be the only one in my friend group who has a literal paperback AND hardcover book for sale on Amazon, and to be the kind of person who knew how to make that happen.

I find that there is so so so much more to me than being a gay bipolar guy with oddly amazing looks (jk but I’m not jk).

I am finding that this is also the case with Caitlyn. I seriously think me and Caitlyn would be BFFs for life and a half. Like, I seriously respect her so much and I’m going to die if I never meet her (I’m going to die either way I guess).

She is finding for herself that she can be even more of an inspiration to people than before. She is finding that she like, effing loves dresses and nail polish and I am so proud of her that she is doing it up. She is so much more than her appearance or her gender. She is seriously the all around woman. She has accomplished so much, and she is going to accomplish so many more things.

The one thing I will say about Caitlyn’s life, is that it is absolutely, 100%, all the way, truly inspirational. And that is what I think is missing from my life. I need to be more of an advocate and a voice. I want to be the face of individuality. I’m going to buy a billboard. I think we should all pretend we are world famous, fab AF, celebrity, record breaking, effing transgender women who have things to say.

Because we all have a message. We all have something to say. And I think we all deserve to say these things and SO DOES CAITLYN.

So take a moment and be your authentic self. Because you can. Please live your full truth, to the full extent, every single day. #BreakFree #LoveYou

I’m serious. Leave comments and love! And please visit Caitlyn's website here. It's an AMAZING resource for everyone!