16 of Ben's Kick-Ass New Year's Resolutions For 2016

For many years now, NYE has just been my favorite day of the year. I joke that the reason I like it is because it’s the only day of the year when we can talk about ourselves and nobody is the outsider. But in reality, it's kind of true! I love that we get to sit around with alcohol and discuss how our last year went and what we want for our lives in the new year. I am head over heals for resolutions. I love them.  I think that goal setting is important, and I also think it’s fun. What better time than NYE to decide your moves for the new year. 2015 has been really fun for me, but I’m really ready to get down and dirty. I need to become an actual adult with solid potential. 23 is a great age to be figuring it out, but 24 is a great age to just be a real person. I have had all my fun with throwing away money and wasting literally everything, and I’m ready to be the adult in the situation and make some real changes. I have 16 resolutions for 2016, and I’m thrilled about them all. Here we go!


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1. Body: I am honestly so sick of being a 9, and I’m really feeling ready to be a ten. This means making sure that my hair is on point, that my skin is on point, but most importantly, that my body. is. on. point. 2016 will be all about Benjamin Hawes getting fit, but not quick. I’m giving myself until Christmas Eve 2016 to get at least one of the following things: A good chest, at least one ab, or that v thing that all the ladies love. I’m over not being at my peak. I’m ready. 

2. I want to make lunch at least 4 days a week. I think it’s realistic to eat lunch out one work day of the week. I’ll save money and I’ll get hotter by not eating stupid food.  When I make lunch, it’s always healthier than when I go to Chipotle, so why not?

3. 2 Fitness Classes Per Week. This is an average. I just want to do that. If I miss one week, that’s fine. I just should make it up the next week. I work really well with a structure like this, and 2 hours at a class is beyond realistic, so I’m just going to do it. It’s going to really help me become a 10, and I am excited about that.

4. One Run in Central Park. I have always wanted to do this. This is something that will be really easy to cross off the list, which I have learned is very important in list making. I just have to spend one hour jogging around in Central Park. So New York. So glam. 

5. I want to read more. Mostly on the subway. I think that as I get more and more attractive, I’ll increase  my chances of getting on the very popular Instagram account “Hot Dudes Reading On The Train.” I feel like once I’m on that I’ll stop reading, but I really want to read all the books by comedians I love. I’m halfway through like 3 of them. So I’ll start with those.

6. Do Stand-Up. Ugh. This is the one that I know I want to really get on. I want to go to at least 5 comedy open mic nights. I need to do it. I think this is the thing I’m most worried about because its the thing I want the most. But if my dreams don’t scare me, they aren’t big enough, right???? So I’m just going to have to dive in and fail a few times (totally okay). 

7. I want to work on posting more videos to Youtube. This has always been something I like doing, so I should do it more! By Jan 1, 2017, I should post 12 new videos. Hopefully more, but I just need to be doing this. It’s fun!

8. Comedy EP. I want to come out with 5-7 new songs that I can have on iTunes and Spotify as a “Comedy EP.” I think that would be so fun, and it would just b cool to have.

9. I love my podcast but I find that it’s kind of hard to do! But that isn’t supposed to be stopping me. Things being hard aren’t supposed to stop me from doing them. That’s my brand so I need to be consistent! And be a 10.

10. I want to find 2 new favorite bars. Since I’m moving to a new area, I want that to be my home, and nothing says home like a fave bar! That should be moved to spot #1, actually.

11. I want to try at least one new restaurant each month. I feel like I have been doing that, but it should continue!

12. I want to take a trip with my BFFL, Kelly. We have talked about it for the appropriate amount of time but I want to take some time and just be with her since she makes me my best me. 

13. I want to see "The Book Of Mormon!" I still haven’t, and it’s because it’s so expensive but I just need to bite the bullet and do it! It will be the event of my life.

14. I want to make 5+ new friends outside of work. When I meet people organically it’s my favorite thing, and I love it. So that’s my thing. 5 new people or bust

15. I really need to go to the dentist two times. Once in March and once in September or something. This is just such a good thing to stay on top of. And I actually love the dentist so it will be fun!

16. This is the most important one. And it will also help me achieve my 10 status! I want to be sure to get the next iPhone the same week that it comes out. I’m due for an upgrade and I need to just do it. I HATE when I wait too long and then I’m off the rotation. 

Anyway, that’s my list! I strongly encourage you all to do this too! 16 resolutions. 16 things to focus on in the new year. IT'S FUN!


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