Benjamin Hawes
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I'm all about living out loud and making dreams come true.


I now live in the East Village in NYC and work as a Learning & Development Specialist at ClassPass, a fitness startup that’s killing it. I spend my days helping people find new opportunities and figure out how they can develop their experience at ClassPass and best prepare for their future careers. I’m obsessed with using passion and as guide and having an action plan to build a dream life.

On the side, I write articles about all of this, and I host personal development workshops that help people take a step back and make actionable plans. For fun, I love Nick Jonas concerts, karaoke bars, and any party that has a free photo booth.

You can follow me everywhere @therealbenhawes if you want to stay in touch. You can also subscribe to my newsletter on this page below!

I spent my teenage years learning to play the guitar outside San Francisco, trying to become famous on YouTube, and day-dreaming of becoming an adult so I could finally have control over my own life. I wanted freedom over what I wore, how I made my money and how I spent it, and how late I could come home from hanging out with my friends. I wanted that, but I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

I got jobs, I joined clubs, and I did anything I could to to take on responsibilities and get on a fast track toward that freedom. I studied marketing at San Francisco State University where I was an RA for 3 years (I was not a regular RA, I was a cool RA). It was there that I realized my love for helping folks find their thing. I would put on events and meetings to help students choose their major or find the right classes. I was always obsessed with the long game and using passion as a guide.

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