Benjamin Hawes

Professional development is like, my thing.


Hey, I’m Ben!

Learning & Development Specialist @ ClassPass

I’m obsessed with personal development, company culture, and also Nick Jonas. At ClassPass, I work to connect new employees to our mission and story while also helping more experienced employees find their place and learn new skills. I love my job and I want to do more of it which is why I started this site. My goal is to help people my age find their footing and get into what it is they love to do. I write posts about navigating life as a twenty something professional in NYC. If you have any questions, reach out to me or join my mailing list!

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In my podcast, “The Dream Life with Ben Hawes,” I talk about what’s happening in my life, things I find interesting, and ways we can all be striving to become the best version of ourselves. Check it out, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

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