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Hey, I'm Ben Hawes!

Learning & Development Specialist @ ClassPass

I am obsessed with personal development and career growth. I work at ClassPass during the week and I teach personal development workshops on the weekends. I'm obsessed helping people find their thing and figuring out what they need to do to make it happen. I believe in goal setting, determination, and doing whatever it takes to get what we want. 

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Personal development workshops for twenty-somethings

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The one thing successful people have in common is they all know what they want and do what it takes to get there. In this workshop, you'll take a step back and explore the wants, needs, ideas, and priorities that are closest to you. From there, we will build an action plan and set actionable goals that will put you on track toward living the life you've imagined for yourself. It's fun, interactive, and you'll leave with a better sense of next steps for your goals. Interested? Check it out below!

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How Can I help?


My Workshops

Personal development workshops where you take a step back, define your needs, & set actionable goals.

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My Articles

I write about how we can zero in on our passions and figure out how we want to spend our lives.

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My Downloads

Exercises to point you in the best direction when you are planning and strategizing for your next steps. 

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