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Three Things That Happened When I Started To Be Open About Who I Am

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One of the things my friends would be likely to tell you about me is that I’m “not afraid to be who I am.” It’s a really nice thing to say, and it has been an interesting idea to me for some time now, for a few different reasons. The first reason is that people have been saying this about me since before I actually felt secure in who I was. The second is that…

My Experience With Bipolar, An FAQ

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Something that I don’t talk about enough is my own experience with bipolar disorder. I am pretty open about the fact that I am bipolar, but I feel like people aren’t able to connect the fact that I’m bipolar with the fact that I am also one of the most consistently positive people they know. I get it– a lot of times, people who are bipolar have obvious stories of struggle and sometimes you can…

I Paid $4 To Have Donations Picked Up From My Apartment & Dropped Off. Here’s How.

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I moved to NYC with a couple suitcases and a few thousand dollars, and almost 3 years later I find myself with more clothes, shoes, and decor that I could handle. Like almost every person I know in this city, I don’t really have much room to just be storing stuff. Also, like almost every person I know who has moved here, my fitness has improved and my style has been bumped up a few…

The 6 Things That Made This The Best Summer Of My Life

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I’ll just come out and say that this has been the best summer of my life, and I’m really sad to see it go. I have had such a blast, and I feel like a whole new version of myself that I’m so in love with. So much happened and I had so much fun. I wanted to sit down and reflect so that one day when I’m old and bored I can look back and…

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