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Why I Always Tell People I’m Having A Great Day (Even If I’m Not)

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By Benjamin Hawes June 22, 2017 ______________ If you’ve ever passed me on the street and asked me how I’m doing, I’ve probably told you something like “I’m SO good!”…

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My Coming Out Story – Six Years Later

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Written by Benjamin Hawes | June 1, 2017 — Today is the first day of LGBT Pride Month, and I had the realization that I have been openly gay for 6…

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On 2017 and My Future Children

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Written By Benjamin Hawes April 8th, 2016 For the very first time in my life, I am thinking about the way I would want to raise my children. I think…

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I Just Did A 30 Day Mind and Body Reset (and How You Can Too)

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By Benjamin Hawes March 12th, 2016  When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve and it was finally 2017, my plan for the year was to kick ass. There…

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Here’s Why I Decided To March for Women

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Written by Benjamin Hawes January 22, 2017 As I marched through the streets of our nation’s capital this weekend, I couldn’t help but think of the stories of others who…

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12 Things Americans Can Do To Reject Injustice in 2017

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12 Things Americans Can Do To Reject Injustice in 2017 Written by Benjamin Hawes  I cannot help but think about the current state of America when reflecting on the legacy…

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Ben’s 3 Resolutions for 2017

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  2016 absolutely had low points, but as I reflect, I realize it was a pivotal year for me. I learned and I grew. I made mistakes, and I was…

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From a Millennial: 5 Things I’m Tired Of Hearing

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A Note From The Desk of A Millennial: November 12, 2016 New York, NY ___________________________________________ Hello World, There has been a mistake in the perception of my generation, and I’m…

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