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The 6 Things That Made This The Best Summer Of My Life

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I’ll just come out and say that this has been the best summer of my life, and I’m really sad to see it go. I have had such a blast, and I feel like a whole new version of myself that I’m so in love with. So much happened and I had so much fun. I wanted to sit down and reflect so that one day when I’m old and bored I can look back and…

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A Reflection on Racists in America Right Now

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We read The Diary Of Anne Frank in my 8th-grade class. After one of the chapters, we had a class discussion about Nazis and the people who participated and killed other people in concentration camps. I distinctly remember so many of the kids saying they would never do that, that they couldn’t imagine following along, and being part of the Holocaust. The teacher told us something that has stuck with me since then, which was…

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I Made My Own “Passion Map” and You Can Too!

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I Made My Own “Passion Map” and You Can Too! Written by Benjamin Hawes | August 12, 2017 I recently turned 25 and I’m proud of where I am, but I know there is so much more ahead for me. It seems like a great time to create a new 5-year plan, but how am I supposed to know what 30-year-old Ben is even going to want 5 years from now? Let me tell you…

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Why I Always Tell People I’m Having A Great Day (Even If I’m Not)

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By Benjamin Hawes June 22, 2017 If you’ve ever passed me on the street and asked me how I’m doing, I’ve probably told you something like “I’m SO good!” or  “I’m having the best day ever!” Without fail, people laugh when I say things like this, and it’s because they are totally taken aback by that level of positivity. I really love shocking people like that, and I can’t say that’s not part of the…

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My Coming Out Story – Six Years Later

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Written by Benjamin Hawes | June 1, 2017 — Today is the first day of LGBT Pride Month, and I had the realization that I have been openly gay for 6 years. A week from today, I turn 25, and I have been open about being gay now for 6 full years. I wanted to sit down and record this story for me to have, for the world to have. I want to tell you my…

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On 2017 and My Future Children

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Written By Benjamin Hawes April 8th, 2016 For the very first time in my life, I am thinking about the way I would want to raise my children. I think about the lessons I would need to teach them, and the stories I will someday tell about my own life at 24. What if they ask what I did to fight discrimination and protect the rights of the people I love? It’s so important to…

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I Just Did A 30 Day Mind and Body Reset (and How You Can Too)

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By Benjamin Hawes March 12th, 2016  When the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve and it was finally 2017, my plan for the year was to kick ass. There were goals I wanted to achieve, money I wanted to make, and ideas I wanted to develop. Well, before I knew it, it was the middle of February and I wasn’t exercising, I was sleeping terribly, I was gaining too much weight, spending too much…

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Here’s Why I Decided To March for Women

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Written by Benjamin Hawes January 22, 2017 As I marched through the streets of our nation’s capital this weekend, I couldn’t help but think of the stories of others who have marched these streets through American History. Millions of people stood up for women’s rights, and I was fighting proud tears the whole time. I marched with sixteen friends who all had one cause: Showing Donald Trump that we believe in women, and we will…

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