On 2017 and My Future Children

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Written By Benjamin Hawes

April 8th, 2016

For the very first time in my life, I am thinking about the way I would want to raise my children.

I think about the lessons I would need to teach them, and the stories I will someday tell about my own life at 24.

What if they ask what I did to fight discrimination and protect the rights of the people I love?

It’s so important to me that all people have equal access to their rights and the American Dream. It is important to me that I would raise people who understand what that means. That I would raise caring and thoughtful children who make change, who care about their neighbors, and who stand up when lives and rights are under attack.

There was a moment in my early childhood when I realized that MLK’s speech happened in my own father’s lifetime. I remember feeling shocked that people were still fighting for their rights in such recent history. That really changed things for 8-year-old Ben.

My own children will have that same moment.

A moment where they realize that the world is not even kind of a perfect place, that our rights and values are always in jeopardy, and that there are going to be people who will push them down just because they are strong enough to do it.

There will be a moment where I sit my children down and tell them this story, and the very first time in my life, I’m thinking what I would want to say.

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